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Branson Central Theater

Home to the Barney Fife Fully Loaded Show, The Positvely Country Absolutely Gospel Show, and the Big Show!

625 South State Highway 165
Branson, MO 65616
Branson Central Theater
2015 / 2016 Branson Shows

Show Ticket Price:
$20.00 - $90.00
A show like no other in Branson! With Aliens,Time travel, Cowboys and robots! Suitable for audiences of all size and ages! A movie in a play. NJ4K stands for, "Not Just 4 Kids". This is no ordinary show, but a step back into memory lane where we ...
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Show Ticket Price:
$11.75 - $28.75
The Big Show gives fans exactly what they've been looking for... a full stage show for Big Clayton!  After entertaining thousands at Branson Landing and in a gospel sing-along pre-show for Presley's Jubilee, he finally has his own showcase! Big Clayton is a truly maste ...
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